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Total: 8


Back To The Roots Of Freddie Mercury: From Zanzibar To London (Author: Frank) [1999, Netherlands]
Il Grande Provocatore (Author: Maurizio Becker) [1996, Alpi Editori, Becker, Italy]
MAY Project: Reference Book to "Queen and Freddie Mercury - Innuendoes - You Might Get Fried..." (Author: S.V. Livingstone ) [1999, HomeLand Productions, U.K.]
Queen [Germany]
Queen (Author: David Munoz) [1999, Editorial La Mascara, France]
Queen - An Official Biography Plus Their Recent U.S. Royal Tour (Original title: QUEEN 栄光への美学) (Author: Larry Pryce) [1977, Japan]
Queen's Greatest Pix (Original title: Noi Siamo i Campioni) (Author: Jacque Lowe) [1984, Fratelli Gallo Ed., Italy]
They Died Too Young - Freddie Mercury (Original title: Il Mito Di Freddie Mercury) (Author: Simon Boyce) [1997, Gremese Editore, Italy]
Total: 8